Research & Analysis: Industry Should Focus On Getting the Poor to Eat More

Consumers indeed make produce a personal decision, and to whatever degree the industry — growers/shippers and retailers — can offer more options, consumers will split up their purchases, and so the new items offered will have some volume. It is also true that some of the new items — better varieties, more convenient cuts, interesting […]

Sainsbury’s pleased with rise in grocery sales, credits ‘food-first’ initiative

Retail roundup: Sainsbury's adding 12,000 roles for Christmas season

UK retailer Sainsbury’s is holding steady during a challenging time for supermarket chains in the UK, posting profits overall in the half-year period that ended in mid-September. Sainsbury’s grocery sales exceeded expectations by increasing 0.8%, even as general merchandise sales tumbled nearly 6% as supply chain troubles plague the industry. But all numbers look better […]

New greenhouse project in China promises Dutch-style vegetables will have ‘lasting impact’

Produce wholesaler Jaguar The Fresh Company of the Netherlands has entered into a marketing and sales partnership with Leopard Fruit Trading and FoodVentures China Ltd. on fresh produce grown in Shanghai. The new FoodVentures project will be growing an abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers with the Dutch horticultural model in newly constructed greenhouses on Chongming […]