Global avocado market still booming but must continue to evolve

New trends to further drive avocado growth in 2019, says World Avocado Organization

The outlook for avocado production and consumption is expected to be strong over the coming years, although not without challenges, according to a new report from financial service company Rabobank. With the release of its annual World Avocado Trade Map, Rabobank notes that competition will rise and that pressure will grow on operators to be […]

UK should reap rewards of global blueberry expansion, availability

Thanks to a sea shift in the blueberry industry from regional to global, availability of the plump and nutritious fruits should continue to growth exponentially in the UK, according to a report from Netherlands-based Rabobank. Blueberries, a ‘super fruit’ with an unrivaled balance of antioxidants, colour, convenience and flavour, are seeing increased demand from consumers […]