Jim Prevor: Captain of conscience

Learnings from the first virtual New York Produce Show and Conference

Jim Prevor was my friend. He is not a mere casual acquaintance, industry colleague, business associate, media contact, or fellow board member, but a true friend. One who is honest, straightforward and direct in all his support. Above all, he always told you the truth, no matter how brutal or discouraging it might be. Upper […]

A Not-So-Quiet Giant Leaves Lasting Impact on Produce Industry

Amazing youngsters impress produce, foodservice Dragons at Fresh Careers Fair

Many years ago, Jim Prevor wrote and published a beautiful “In Memoriam” piece about my father, Stephen D’Arrigo. His kind words were incredibly insightful and provided my family with a beautiful and lasting account about the beloved founder of our company. It is framed, hanging prominently in the front lobby of our company headquarters here […]

This one’s for you, Jimbo …

On Monday evening, Nov. 7, I prepared a post for LinkedIn. I wrote it in the spirit of my looming 65th birthday. The post started off with the first line of the amazing Tower of Song, Leonard Cohen’s masterpiece that was released in 1988. ‘All my friends are gone and my hair is gray’… As […]

Research & Analysis: Industry Should Focus On Getting the Poor to Eat More

Consumers indeed make produce a personal decision, and to whatever degree the industry — growers/shippers and retailers — can offer more options, consumers will split up their purchases, and so the new items offered will have some volume. It is also true that some of the new items — better varieties, more convenient cuts, interesting […]

Fruits of Thought: The Great Resignation And The Joy of Produce

All over the United States, businesses are experiencing difficulty getting fully staffed. This is especially a problem in restaurants and hospitality establishments that downsized a great deal or even closed during the pandemic. In August one in 14 workers in these industries quit. Partly this is because it is easy to quit as comparable jobs […]

Comments and Analysis: Post-pandemic Appreciation of Produce

Let's be positive about boosting fresh produce consumption, says Dutch expert

Originally printed in the June 2021 issue of Produce Business. Nobody really knows what the future for online grocery shopping will be. With the COVID-19 pandemic receding, we can expect that habits developed as a result of the pandemic will also recede — but probably not totally. So, for example, people who avoided public places, such […]