California grower McClarty talks about boosting grape consumption

Exchange rate challenge hits Italian grape exporter in UK market

You could say that Harold McClarty has grapes running through his veins. Table grapes, that is, not the wine type. Back in 1887, his great grandfather purchased the land where McClarty later grew up and, exactly a century later, founded HMC Farms. Today, the Kingsburg, California-headquartered company has grown from the original 40 acres to one […]

Asda study shows consumers won’t pay premium prices for sustainable products

Sourcing sustainable bananas for foodservice and wholesale markets

What would help drive up purchases of sustainable products? It’s pretty simple: Lower prices. According to new research done by supermarket chain Asda, green labeling and increased product options are not what gets consumers’ attention, but the cost of those items. More than 75% said they would have a more sustainably-focused mindset if prices were […]

How Margin Creep kills the Golden Goose

UK grocery sales see significant spike, grow by fastest rate in more than 10 years

There is a concern that is being circulated throughout the industry that affects everyone in it and their business: per capita produce consumption is going down. This is not a new phenomenon as consumption has been slipping over the past 20 years. Everyone seemed to recognize that this is not a good thing and is […]

Generation Z, Sustainable Purchasing And the Connection with Agriculture

Martin of Barclays Agriculture: Find your passion, always aim to leave a legacy

As our natural food systems weaken and no longer seem able to deliver what is expected, we look for ways to change its trajectory. Gradually we begin to understand that one of the major causes of unsustainability in the food systems is not only production but also ‘irresponsible’ consumption. Our food seems cheap, but only […]