The C-Suite Focus on Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Freshfel Europe calls for new policy approach to fresh fruits and vegetables

I recently moderated a panel discussion in the U.S. at the Produce for Better Health (PBH) Consumer Connection Conference in mid-April. The panelists represented a diverse group of foodservice companies, where senior leadership views produce as an important part of their business. Our 45-minute discussion focused on leaders’ insights on what matters, what’s doable and what […]

Freshfel Europe’s EU Consumption Monitor: We Must Build Value in Produce

The average daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in Europe remains well below the recommended minimum of 400 grams (14 ounces) per person per day. Despite a positive momentum for consumption growth, several barriers remain, severely impacting the move toward a healthier and more sustainable diet for European consumers. In the latest edition of […]

‘Growing to Love’ campaign hopes to boost produce consumption among children

The driver of increased produce consumption among school-age children, Veg Power, has launched a campaign called “Growing to Love” that wil aim to get more kids on board with eating fresh vegetables. Using tomatoes as linchpin to encourage more healthy eating habits, children from across the UK will learn how to grow their own tomato […]

Freshfel Report: European produce consumption is up but not close to recommendations

The World Health Organization (WHO), recommends a minimum daily consumption of 400g per capita of fruits and vegetables. Freshfel Europe has released its latest Consumption Monitor report which revealed that even though the average fruit and vegetable consumption in the EU grew to 364.6 grams per day per capita in 2021, the economic crisis caused […]

Synergy: Working to promote fruit and vegetable consumption at New York Produce Show

A record groundswell of produce industry titans and innovative change agents joined forces in New York City in late 2022 with an urgent imperative to increase produce consumption. The 13th annual New York Produce Show & Conference, with meetings beginning on November 29 and ending December 2nd, with the one-day trade show centered at the […]

Wait a minute: Aren’t we the plant-based diet?

By Anne-Marie Roerink Life has been a rollercoaster ride for more than two years. At the onset of the pandemic, consumers focused on comfort food, but immunity and healthful eating quickly took a front seat. When you type in “healthy” in any one of the search engines, then click images, every picture that pops up […]