Still Life Citrus artwork chosen to adorn outside of New Covent Garden Market
Photo of New Covent Garden Market

Still Life Citrus artwork chosen to adorn outside of New Covent Garden Market

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A vibrant piece of citrus fruit artwork by photographer Eyal Granit was unveiled on the Nine Elms Lane façade of New Covent Garden Market in South West London, as part of a new public art initiative. 

The work, titled ‘Still Life Citrus’ (2019) by the Israel-born artist, was installed on 18 October and will be on display until October 2020. It was selected through a public open call with the help of an expert advisory board.

“Eyal’s artwork beautifully captures the freshness and vibrancy of the produce that New Covent Garden Market is famous for,” said Daniel Tomkinson, Chief Executive at Covent Garden Market Authority:

More than 70 artists from around the world competed for the opportunity to design an artwork inspired by fruit, vegetables or flowers, the key products of New Covent Garden Market.   

“We are excited to give passersby a unique insight into the impressive market operating behind this very facade,” said Rob Williams, Senior Director of Construction at VINCI St. Modwen, which funded the three-year Vitrine Art Commission project along with Covent Garden Market Authority and London art festival Art Night. “This commission builds on VSM’s other community art projects based around the redevelopment area, including the acclaimed Edible Avenue on Thessaly Road and The Whale Wall at the nearby St. George’s school by renowned artist Mr. Dane.”

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In his winning work, Granit creates an image that reflects on the immortal nature of fruit. Reminiscent of the works of 16th and 17th-century painters and produced using the focus stacking technique, this hyper-realistic fantasy photograph glorifies the common objects of daily life. It was inspired by ‘Bodegones’ by Spanish master Juan Sánchez Cotán.

The image features an abundance of citrus fruits displayed on a large table in and around crystal glasses and vases, antique jars and trays, or hung from above, and complemented with arrangements of orchids and daffodils. Combining multiple images  taken at different focus distances gives the resulting image a greater depth of field, creating this panoramic tableau outside the constraints of a single frame. 

“Citrus for me is going back to childhood,” Granit said. “With this work I reflect on the ideas of home, belonging, memory and personal history. I have been passionate about photography since an early age and I am truly humbled to have received such an incredible opportunity to present my work to a global audience in London, where the public can encounter and enjoy it every day. That’s where artwork and real life connect, and this connection somehow brings the work to life.” 



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