“Snowbergines” hit the shelves at Waitrose

“Snowbergines” hit the shelves at Waitrose


As snow covers much of the UK today, high-end grocer Waitrose is inspired by the white stuff and offers festive aubergines, tipped to be this year’s must-have Christmas accompaniment.

Dubbed “snowbergines”, the white aubergines are similar in shape to the regular purple variety, but are creamier and milder in taste, giving them an extra special capacity to take on other flavours, including festive spices or cheese.  

They absorb less moisture when cooking than purple aubergines, meaning they soak up less oil, resulting in a lower calorie dish and are the perfect option to use in a recipe for a vegetarian or vegan Christmas meal, according to Waitrose.

“It’s the perfect time of year to have this festive-looking aubergine on our shelves and we expect them to be a hit with our customers over the Christmas holiday,” said Gemma Hodgson, Waitrose vegetable buyer.

“It’s such a fun vegetable that can be used to liven up seasonal meal times.
Aubergines are extremely popular at this time of year, being used in bakes, tagines or casseroles and our snowbergine makes the perfect snowman on a plate for kids.”

Early varieties of aubergine were traditionally white-skinned, which coined the name ‘eggplant’ in America, as they resembled goose eggs. White aubergines have the same familiar shape but are slightly smaller than the most common variety and are best served roasted or grilled.

White aubergines are on sale at Waitrose shops nationwide priced at £1.35 each.



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