Perfrutto wins Interpoma Innovation Camp 2017

Perfrutto wins Interpoma Innovation Camp 2017


Perfrutto has been named as the leading startup with potential to reshape the apple industry through its innovative high-tech system for precision fruit growing.

Perfrutto is the most evolved prediction model designed to optimise and increase crop yields of apples, pear and kiwifruit, according to the camp’s judges.

It works by processing data from the field, such as fruit sizes, with Calibit, a digital calliper gauge with on-board data logging. Perfrutto has been created from a predictive algorithm developed across 30 years of university research.

The jury at the recently held Interpoma Innovation Camp 2017 comprised of journalists and other industry professionals, selected Italty-based Perfrutto as the stand-out startup from a total of seven applicants.

It convinced because of its clear added-value for the apple industry and as a solution that can be implemented as quickly as next year.

The jury also appreciated the good price-performance ratio and the sound scientific background that guarantees a high-quality service.

Another Israeli startup also joined the camp via skype for an inspiring input session. FFRobitics presented its unique and patented Robotic Fruit Harvester – the FFRobot which emulates the hand harvesting process for efficient, cost-effective and bruise-free fruit picking. It offers farmers the chance to significantly reduce costs while improving efficiency.

The other participants of the 2017 Interpoma Innovation Camp were:


The first bi-directional market for fruit and vegetable producers, whereby sellers can observe in real time where businesses are searching for their products worldwide. As soon as the target companies are settled, sellers can send their offers with a single click in order to increase their chances of success.


Agribot is a revolutionary robot, i.e. self-driving tractor, capable of independently completing complex agronomic tasks. Agribot does not need to be constantly watched and can work around the clock to ensure that a high degree of precision and accuracy is achieved.


Agra2b provides a digital-trading-system service for farmers. The trading system helps farmers to purchase resources and to sell agricultural products (such as grains, vegetables and fruit) whenever they need to. Additionally, all relevant information is centralised to promote successful practices at a particular location.


This larvae farm produces valuable resources such as protein-rich flours, fodder oils and organic fertilisers for a new and sustainable animal feed industry. The semi-automatic structure requires very few operatives, which leads to economic efficiency and stable production.


eLEAF specialises in the use of satellite imaging and surveillance of plant production, water consumption and other parameters. eLEAF has developed the web-based platform FruitLook for the apple industry in South Africa in order to optimise production and reduce water consumption. This solution can now be implemented in other high-density fruit producing regions around the world.



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