Farm management and new varieties key for Spanish grape grower Moyca
Josefina Mena of Moyca

Farm management and new varieties key for Spanish grape grower Moyca


While many Spanish table grape growers saw shortages in the season that just finished recently, producer Moyca was able to keep consistent supplies and quality throughout thanks to a mix of diverse production areas, field practices and new plantings. 

Speaking with PBUK during the Amsterdam Produce Show & Conference, Josefina Mena of Moyca said the last shipment of the campaign was sent on November 15.

“We’ve had regular quality that has been very good throughout the whole campaign,” Mena said.

“We’ve had good management from our technical team and that way when the campaign comes the result is there. We have various production zones.

She added weather had been cool but without frosts, which is an ideal scenario combined with hot days to spur good colouring in the fruit.

Mena highlighted major markets such as the UK, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Dubai and Canada, while the company also had a good counter-seasonal deal shipping table grapes to South Africa.

“We have a have a lot of customers and commitments with programmes. They have asked for extra, which shows they trust in our product. And they don’t just trust the product but they want more of it,” she said.

She said the company had added new packaging concepts as a point of difference for retail including 500g paper ‘basket’ packs, while Moyca was getting good feedback for proprietary varieties with grapes including Sun World’s Midnight Beauty, Sable, Starletta, Autumn Crisp, Adora and Scarlotta.

“We’re always planting more,” she said, adding the company was managing 50 different varieties in a bid to cater to a wide range of consumer tastes across markets.

Another relatively new development for Moyca is the introduction of organic table grapes.

“It has been a success – last year we had our first [red] organic grapes,” she said, mentioning there were plans to plant more organic grapes with the inclusion of white varieties.

While Moyca exports to Hong Kong, Mena is also hopeful the Spanish government will be able to successfully negotiate access to the Chinese mainland for Spanish grapes.

“They’ve [Chinese authorities] asked for all the documentation, they’ve visited and they like what they see,” she said.

“They are trying to open it up, and Chinese companies have been in contact and are hoping it opens. But it’s an issue between governments.”

When asked about the Amsterdam Produce Show and Conference, Mena said it was a great networking opportunity in a relaxed, intimate environment.

“It has grown and it’s true that the level of visitors is very good because they are from many Northern European markets. You can chat calmly, propose ideas, products, discuss the company, I think it’s great,” she said.



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