New “Liita” lavender flavoured cress launched

New “Liita” lavender flavoured cress launched


Liita cress 3

Lavender flowers have been used in cooking for some time – but now a new cress variant offers a pungent flavour and vibrant decoration, according to its Netherlands-based grower.

Koppert Cress owner Rob Baan describes the new cress variant as having great versatility, working well with light meats, strong-tasting vegetables, cheese as well as being particularly well matched to sweet dishes.

“The flavour is very full and it dominates a dish,” he says.

“If you searched around lavender and lavender flavours and smells, love is always in the air so and that is where the inspiration for the name Liita comes from.

“It is available soon, it’s a sneak preview as it’s just starting.”

Baan adds how Liita can be produced year-round and it stores well. He emphasises how Koppert Cress is constantly looking for natural and innovative ingredients which chefs can used to intensify flavours, aroma and improve the presentation of their dishes.

Cresses are freshly germinated seedlings of 100% natural aromatic plants. These plants provide freshness and intensity of taste and aroma that is almost exclusively found in young plants.



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