Lettuce, a Spain staple, will take center stage at Fruit Attraction in October

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Organisers of Fruit Attraction, the annual conference and trade show held in Madrid in a few weeks, announced a unique feature that will highlight year’s event.

In addition to technical sessions and the staple Biofruit and Grape Attraction Congresses, IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX will host “Lettuce Attraction” on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Oct. 3-5 show.

As the world’s leading exporter of lettuce, conference leaders in Spain have pulled together a “full programme of activities that reflect the productive, commercial and gastronomic importance of [leafy greens].”

A living garden will dominate the show room floor in Halls 5 and 6, and there also will be five showcookings that will utilise lettuce in creative dishes. Irrigation expert Proexport will “recreate an agricultural farm to show how this product is grown in southeast Spain, with different types of varieties, probes, irrigation technology and sustainable practices.”

Meanwhile, the Fruit Forum area between Halls 2-4 will showcase the networking talks and those two big Congresses – Biofruit for the organic fruits and vegetables, and Grape Attraction for seedless table discussions.

In Halls 5, 7-9 and 10, seminars on innovation and the latest fresh produce items and developments will be featured.

Organisers are expecting another massive turnout for the show, which is celebrating its 15th year – 1,800 companies from 55 countries, more than 58,000 m2 of fruit and vegetables, and 90,000 attendees from 130 countries.



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