La Dona Fruit gives avocado and lime boxes a 'much-needed' new look

La Dona Fruit gives avocado and lime boxes a ‘much-needed’ new look

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Retailers and wholesalers across the UK will be receiving a brand new look in packaging for avocados and limes from La Dona Fruit through September.

The Latin American company, known for its fresh golden pineapples and tropical fruits, has launched a campaign called ‘True Origins by La Dona’, which features multi-coloured Pre-Colombian symbols “that reflect the colour, light, and music of the indigenous Andes culture and tropical environment of Colombia and Peru.”

La Dona’s Hass avocados and Tahiti limes, which are grown almost year round, will be placed in new 4.5 kilogramme (kg) corrugated cardboard boxes for export to Europe, as well as in its 18kg (40lb) boxes for the USA. The company says it hopes to catch the eye of retailers and wholesalers throughout Europe, especially in the UK.

“The world needs a little more colour right now, and we want customers interacting with our brand to see something on the brighter side,” says Oscar Baracaldo, La Dona Fruit’s head of customer experience. “True Origins by La Dona is a more dynamic design that epitomises the colour and light of the Andean culture, particularly the power of the sun.” 

La Dona says it takes an “artisanal approach to fruit production”, and the True Origins brand serves to illustrate those traditional characteristics.La Dona said it is exploring expanding the line to include other fruits. 

“We continue to develop our farms and grower relationships to deliver the best that The Andes region has to offer,” Baracaldo said. “By marrying ancient, local techniques together with up-to-date crop management practices, we can produce the rich and complex flavours that are found in La Dona’s fruit grown at different altitudes across The Andes.”

For La Dona, the time was right for a refresh. Its previous black opaque design didn’t seem to mesh well with the company’s mission. 

“We became tired of the previous black box, especially during this pandemic,” Baracaldo said. “Our attractive campaign brings into our lives some much-needed colour, sunshine, and music from the Tropics at this strange time.” 

La Dona has exported Colombian Tahiti limes to Europe since November of last year. It recently began shipments of Colombian and Peruvian Hass avocados to Europe. It is approaching its peak supply period for limes. This coincides with a gap on the European market during autumn.



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