Jupiter Group teams with blockchain provider DiMuto to guarantee freshness

Jupiter Group teams with blockchain provider DiMuto to guarantee freshness

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Global fresh produce grower Jupiter Group has consolidated its plans to provide fully traceable fresh produce to consumers around the world by signing an exclusive agreement with DiMuto, a trade technology solutions platform, to implement blockchain traceability for the group’s core range of fresh produce.

DiMuto’s blockchain-powered trade traceability platform will allow visibility of every single carton and every single produce piece throughout the entire supply chain, as well as the accompanying relevant documentation and certificates to allow for greater efficiency and standardization of Jupiter’s fresh produce supply chain.

An estimated total of 10 million cartons of fresh produce and approximately 500 million individual pieces of fruit will be tracked and traced on the DiMuto Platform.

Jupiter says the move to adopt blockchain traceability for its fresh produce is closely aligned with its hands-on commitment to bringing global consumers high quality, delicious and new fruit varieties with a truly transparent supply chain. 

“We are pleased to be working with DiMuto to take our traceability story further. With the DiMuto Platform, Jupiter Group will be able to champion true supply chain transparency and share each step of the produce journey with end consumers, right from seed and sapling to the shelf,” said Mark Tweddle, CEO of Jupiter Group. “With a focus on being completely integrated in the produce supply chain, the Jupiter story fits right into the increasing consumer demand to understand the origins and practices behind their food,” said Yvonne Tweddle, MD of Jupiter Group.

“DiMuto’s blockchain technology will improve overall transparency throughout our fresh produce chain and better assure our consumers of our fruits’ quality and origin. We are 100% committed to our relationships throughout the whole supply chain being based on trust.”

Every fruit will be tagged with DiMuto QR codes that can be easily scanned by end consumers with any smart mobile phone. Through the DiMuto Sales & Marketing Retention & Awareness Tool (SMART) Marketing solution, consumers will be directed to a product page that gives them easy access to traceability information and product origin tracked on the blockchain.

“By tracking fresh produce down to the carton and fruit level, DiMuto trade traceability solutions will help innovative leaders like Jupiter to not only increase visibility and efficiency of their supply chain but also communicate the product’s verified traceability story to end consumers with ease.”

Jupiter Group farms and supplies new and traditional varieties of grapes and citrus alongside melons, pineapples, limes, avocados and kiwifruit. Today, it is one of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses. The company has achieved success with an average annual group growth of 51% over the past three years. The company ranked in the top 25 fastest growing companies on The Sunday Times International Track 200 (an annual league ranking Britain’s mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales) in 2018, 2019 and 2020 too. Jupiter currently has hubs in Africa, South Africa, South America, Europe, India and the US.



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