Wholesale Marketing Toolkit: The keys to strong sustainability reporting

Study: Shift to organic agriculture vital for sustainable food systems

While the trends in sustainability are ever-changing, one thing remains true: Sustainability as a concept in our industry is here to stay. A bounty of sustainably grown and packaged products fills grocery shelves and online ordering portals. As wholesalers, we find retail customers keen on traceability, while consumers seek transparency from our products and manufacturing […]

Chic Onix oranges slice their way into British supermarkets and onto consumer cocktails

The unusual-looking Onix orange has been released by AMFRESH company Genesis Fresh and is finding its ways onto displays in British supermarkets, including Tesco and Marks and Spencer. The striped dark-red Onix was discovered in Spain and is being marketed strategically as a cocktail mixer. Take one look at its stunning skin and its two-tone […]

Across the pond, companies struggling to get shoppers to purchase brand-name produce

Produce brands not only have fierce competition from other brands, but also from private-label fruit and vegetables. In the last two years, inflation has impacted the cost of produce, further challenging brand-named produce. Companies need to fully understand the impact of inflation on consumers, and what they are looking for in their products to convince […]

British and EU farmers launch protests over potentially crippling trade agreements

G’s puts family farming to grand scale and builds diverse business across globe

Hundreds of UK farmers, mounted on tractors, descended on the British Parliament in protest of post-Brexit trade and farming policies that they say endanger their livelihoods and national food security.  Multiple farmer protest movements continue across the United Kingdom and European Union in opposition to trade policies, environmental agreements and other regulations.  The effort is […]