The Future of Fresh Food: New Research Identifies Five Key Insights

Today’s shoppers are more aware of everyone involved in bringing food to their table and are ready to embrace personal experience and culinary adventure with renewed enthusiasm. Culinary Visions’ latest research was inspired by revisiting some of the discussions from the World Food Exposition in Milan eight years ago. The expo focused on the power […]

British Berry Growers launch new R&D board to ensure future of soft fruit

BerryWorld Group and Beekers Holding BV to consolidate

British Berry Growers have created a new Research and Development Board to help foster environmentally friendly practices and ensure efficiency across the soft fruit industry. Dr Louise Sutherland, director of Ceres Agri-tech at Cambridge Enterprise at the University of Cambridge, will head up the new board. She is currently chair of the Raspberry Breeding Consortium […]

Is there a more valuable fresh produce player than the retail merchandiser?

How has COVID-19 affected the fresh produce sector in the UK?

What makes a good merchandiser at retail? There are several opinions that vary by experience and perception. Upper management says a good merchandiser is one who generates sales and profit projections, plus controls cost. In the produce world, the definition of a good merchandiser is considerably different, although it does contain parts of what upper […]

Freshfel worries that proposed pre-cut produce marketing standards will raise prices

AgriCoat puts freshness seal on fresh-cut produce diversification

Freshfel Europe has warned the European Commission (EC) of the far-reaching implications of its draft proposal on marketing standards for pre-cut fruit and vegetables.  The association is urging the EC to withdraw or amend specific parts of its draft proposal that will impact competitiveness, raise prices, and impact the consumption of convenience fresh produce.  The document […]

Freshfel Europe’s EU Consumption Monitor: We Must Build Value in Produce

The average daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in Europe remains well below the recommended minimum of 400 grams (14 ounces) per person per day. Despite a positive momentum for consumption growth, several barriers remain, severely impacting the move toward a healthier and more sustainable diet for European consumers. In the latest edition of […]