Dubai plans to double size of its market, looks to become ‘largest’ fresh food logistics hub

The city of Dubai plans to establish “the world’s largest” logistics center for fresh food and food products, marking a significant step in diversifying its economy and enhancing investment opportunities, Gulf Business reports. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) to expand the current fruit and vegetable market and double its size was signed between Dubai Municipality […]

Tesco, FareShare and Trussell Trust brighten summer for kids with healthy meals

Rest, relaxation and recreation. Summer months can provide all three, along with the feeling of being able to brush aside everyday stressors. But for those less fortunate including impoverished children across the UK, the summer ‘gap’ can be anything but carefree. In some cases, it can exacerbate their troubles. No school can mean no free […]

Getting it ripe: Wholesale, retail and foodservice strive to deliver ready-to-eat fruit

For produce retail stores and foodservice alike, ripening is a key part of the process of getting desirable produce to consumers. Although it doesn’t benefit shelf life, ripening — or pre-conditioning — delivers fruit ready to eat. After all, soft, ripe avocados or bananas are considerably more appealing than rock-hard products that are still a […]

Why Southern Africa’s focus on ‘premium’ makes it a quality partner in blueberry market

Blueberry exports from South Africa expected to increase by 20 per cent

This Q&A features highlights from an interview done with Dane Castle, Blueberry Technical Sales Manager Southern Africa at Planasa, who discusses the state of the Southern Africa blueberry season. For the full interview and charts, go to Could you share insights into the expected volume and quality of the 2024 Southern African Blueberry season? Southern […]