Fresh This Month

  • Salmonella - salad ABAB7576

    What salmonella-in-salad-bags research could mean for the fresh-cut sector

    The fresh produce and chilled foods sectors react to a University of Leicester study about the risk of pathogen growth in prepared produce Read more >

  • Wasabi rocket

    Rocket shoots for the sky with a fiery new oriental punch

    Is it rocket? Is it wasabi? No, it’s wasabi rocket; an intensely flavoured new salad leaf igniting the passions of UK chefs Read more >

  • Takestock - video shot

    Could Takestock become an eBay for the fresh produce industry?

    The emergence of a digital marketplace for fresh fruit and vegetables could help win the food-waste war Read more >


    Broccoli reinvents itself for modern British consumers

    The familiar bright green brassica is refusing to get left behind in the stampede for superfoods
    Read more >

  • FoodToGo - Pret Little Veggie Pop Up Broadwick St

    More potential for produce thanks to food-to-go boom

    The on-the-go market is burgeoning but how can retailers make sure they are best placed to take advantage? Read more >

  • Heritage produce - bundles of rhubarb at thee festival

    On the heritage trail: traditional varieties rouse consumer and culinary interest

    Chefs and other buyers are in hot pursuit of heritage produce for consumers with a taste for discovering history and provenance Read more >

  • Disney - First Class Chefs

    How Disney’s healthy-living agenda helps promote a fruit-and-vegetable-rich diet

    Disney reveals how it is using nutritional guidelines as an opportunity to market more produce to kids Read more >

Fresh Opinions

Jim Prevor - PBUK

Being audacious in Amsterdam

Jim Prevor looks ahead as the inaugural Amsterdam Produce Show and Conference opens this week View full post >


Two countries, one aim – let’s increase vegetable consumption

On the eve of The Amsterdam Produce Show and Conference, Tommy Leighton looks at Dutch and UK initiatives to boost vegetable uptake View full post >

Jonathan Winchester Shopper Anonymous

In uncertain times, be the certainty your customer needs

Customer experience analyst Jonathan Winchester gives his six top tips to keep customers reassured and relying on you View full post >

Nick Miller, Crimson&Co 3

Could Amazon’s disruption of the marketplace spark unlikely alliances?

As Amazon seeks to become almost all things to almost all people, competitors are being forced to think outside the box to keep pace View full post >

Mystery Shop Results

Fresh Film

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Fresh Insight

  • Middle classes return to Tesco as fresh produce attracts shoppers

    Read More >
  • Produce and ready meals help bring Tesco back to growth

    Read More >
  • Understanding the rise of fresh produce in overall online sales

    Read More >
  • Fresh produce lifts Co-op market share

    Read More >
  • Making provenance translate to profits challenges UK food sector

    Read More >

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