What suppliers need to know about GSCOP

Darren Smith

With calls for the scope of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice to be expanded growing ever louder, former supermarket buyer and now trainer to the grocery industry, Darren Smith of Making Business Matter has a special limited-time, free e-book offer for Produce Business UK readers. Read on to make sure you don’t miss out

So what is GSCOP? 

GSCOP stands for Groceries Supply Code of Practice. It is a piece of legislation introduced in 2010. This piece of law determines how supermarkets in the UK can deal with their suppliers. GSCOP, or The Order, which wraps around GSCOP, started way back in 2001 when the Competition Commission first investigated the UK Grocery Industry.

Nine years later GSCOP was introduced and then supported by a grocery tsar; The Groceries Code Adjudicator, Christine Tacon, who has the power to fine the 10 named supermarkets 1% of their sales if they do not comply with GSCOP. 

Why should I care?

Believe it or not, 76% of suppliers do not understand the code and half of suppliers don’t even have written supply agreement. The original drive behind GSCOP and The Order was clarity and transparency so that suppliers have the confidence to invest. This does not mean an end to tough negotiations on both sides. It just means that tough negotiations still happen and then both sides know exactly what profit they are likely to make for the foreseeable future. Confident trading.  

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How can I find out more?

By reading my short book; A Complete Understanding of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice. It is designed to deliver what you need by being to the point and it is available for free on Friday October 14, 2016.


Amazon reviews rate it as 5-star with testimonials such as: “This book really is a must read, not only for you but the team that are dealing with the major multiples. Clear, straightforward information that is presented in an easy-to-use book. Relevant links for further information, training and critically who to turn to for help. However, it is up to us in the trade to ensure that we are as well informed as our retail colleagues.”

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Do I need to read the book?

If you’re not sure if you need to read the book take the GSCOP Quiz.

Darren Smith is the founder of Making Business Matter, a training provider to the UK grocery industry. It helps suppliers to the big four supermarkets develop the soft skills that will secure them more profitable wins in their dealings with buyers.



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