Waitrose launch spiralised beetroot

Waitrose launch spiralised beetroot


Sales of beetroot are soaring at Waitrose which has introduced a spiralised version to keep pace with demand over the summer.

And a whole range of beet-inspired dishes are debuting at Waitrose which has seen sales of its Duchy Organic beetroot soar 164% compared to last year, while sales of Waitrose Sweetfire beetroot, a sweet and spicy chilli beetroot, are up 23% and Waitrose World Deli beetroot and Sour Cherries Slaw is up 51%.

Waitrose says health conscious shoppers are inspired by food bloggers and chefs looking for new ways to use beetroot.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy, balanced diet, and we’ve seen they are enjoying beetroot in all its forms. Sales of beetroot are rising as customers look to eat more vegetables in as many different ways as possible,” says Dr Emma Williams, Waitrose senior nutritionist.

“Studies have shown that beetroot juice can increase distance runners’ time by 16 per cent, which is great news for those wanting to exercise for longer and could suggest a reason behind the spike in sales.

“Being naturally rich in folate and a good source of potassium, beetroot is the perfect option for adding flavour and colour to any dish, whether sweet or savoury.”

The new spiralised line flavours the beetroot with lemon, mint and chilli. It’s on shelves now priced at £1.23 on an introductory offer until August 8, after which it will retail at £1.65 for 150g.




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