UK’s Affinitus Group gets acquired by U.S. enterprise solutions company

Produce Business staff edited news release

UK-based Affinitus Group, which provides cloud-based enterprise resource planning solutions built to support the specific needs of fresh produce and other industries, was recently acquired by U.S.-based  Aptean, a global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions.  

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Sittingbourne, Affinitus Group provides solutions designed to manage every aspect of the produce business, including the challenges of operating in a time-pressured, highly-regulated marketplace.

“We are excited to welcome the talented Affinitus team to Aptean,” said Duane George, GM of EMEA and APAC at Aptean. “Affinitus brings over three decades of fresh produce industry knowledge to the development of its solutions and the support of its clients, helping them to navigate an increasingly complex and constantly changing landscape. Aptean and Affinitus are aligned in our passion for innovation and our focus on bringing the benefits of digital transformation to the food and beverage industry.”

Freshware, Affinitus Group’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, delivers key features to support full traceability, consignment trading, profitability analytics, quality control, warehouse and packhouse management, grower pooling and wholesale trading. Agrilogik, its innovative farming and harvest management solution, integrates with Freshware to deliver a complete ERP solution to manage produce operations from field to fork.

“Embracing this acquisition is a testament to the progress both companies are striving for and is an exciting step forward for our customers,” said Paul Hardy, CEO at Affinitus Group. “With the integration of Affinitus into Aptean, we’re proud to enhance our services by utilizing the complementary strengths of both teams.

“This alignment allows us to foster innovation and make improvements with a faster turnaround, providing our customers with more advanced solutions in a shorter time frame. In essence, our clients will be able to enjoy a more streamlined and comprehensive ERP system that effectively addresses their operational needs while adhering to regulations.”

Aptean is a leading providers of purpose-built, industry-specific software that helps manufacturers and distributors effectively run and grow their businesses. That includes cloud and on-premise deployment options. Aptean is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, and also Europe and Asia-Pacific.



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