The green smoothie turnaround – consumers favour veggie-blended drinks

The green smoothie turnaround – consumers favour veggie-blended drinks


In just five years, smoothie drinkers have taken to vegetable-based versions despite initial perceptions doubting the trend would take off, according to one London-based brand. 

Fruit smoothies may still be the mainstay, but since vegetable versions first started featuring as key ingredients for smoothie specialists, Love Tastes, consumer appetites have steadily grown.

And now veggie-inspired drinks are the fastest growing flavours sold at the company.

Originating from a market stall in Borough Market, London, Love Taste now has retail sales approaching £40 million. The company uses only natural and traceable fruit and vegetables in its smoothie range of frozen fruit sachets which can be blended and pulsed conveniently at home.

Sold under the Love Smoothies brand, Detox Zing (ginger, courgette, banana, carrot and blueberry) continues to lead the way alongside Kale Kick (kale, spinach and mango) and Broccoli and The Beast (broccoli, celery, spinach, mango, pineapple and banana).

“Given where we were five years ago – when green smoothies were met with indifference from consumers who needed a lot of convincing to try them – it’s an incredible turnaround,” says Love Taste founder Richard Canterbury.

“There’s also been something of a cultural shift in society, where people look at something that’s green and think “that has to be good for me”. We’re riding that wave and constantly developing our flavours and combinations to give consumers access to lots of different sensations.

“Even those who actively dislike veg can manage our smoothies because veg tastes a heck of a lot better when blended with fruit and apple juice.”

The Love Smoothies’ portfolio goes beyond the UK and is sold through outlets in Dubai, Singapore, China, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Scandinavia and Australia, including Pret a Manger and health club chain Virgin Active.



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