Tesco partners with suppliers to tackle food waste

Tesco partners with suppliers to tackle food waste


Major fresh produce companies are included in a list of 24 suppliers that have joined forces with retailer Tesco to reduce food waste, as part of objectives announced by CEO Dave Lewis in New York today. 

Lewis spoke at the meetings of Champions 12.3 event, highlighting a list of two dozen suppliers that will adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goal to halve food waste by 2030.

The suppliers – including the likes of G’s, Greenyard, Gomez and AMT Fruit – account for more than £17bn of Tesco sales.

The companies have agreed to publish food waste data for their own operations within 12 months, and have committed to take the steps needed to reduce food waste in their supply chain as well as innovating to make it easier for consumers to reduce waste in their homes.

In addition, Tesco announced its businesses in the Republic of Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary have published their food waste data, following four years of publication in the UK.

Leading food waste campaigner Tristram Stuart welcomed the news outlining Tesco as ‘the world-leading supermarket’ on reporting food waste.

“We have been challenging Tesco and other supermarkets on transparent reporting of food waste for years now,” Stuart said.

“This commitment to ensure that supply chain waste is measured and reported makes Tesco the world-leading supermarket on transparent food waste reporting, and represents a significant step towards meeting the global goal to halve food waste by 2030. 

“It’s time for other businesses to follow suit, and for Tesco, along with the rest of the world’s supermarkets, to demonstrate, if they can, that their businesses are not inherently wasteful.”

Lewis said while great progress had been made in the issue, the reality was that more commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal was needed from companies, countries and cities, along with the measurement and publication of data on food waste.

The suppliers involved in the agreement are: Yeo Valley; Gomez; Branston; Greencore; Icelandic Seachill; AMT; DPS; Kepak Meat Division; G’s; Allied Bakeries; Moy Park; Richard Hochfeld; Ornua; Cranswick; Samworths; 2SFG; Hilton; Espersen; Greenyard Frozen; Müller Milk & Ingredients; Kerry Foods; Bakkavor; Froneri; Noble.

The supplier agreement is the first struck between a major retailer and its food suppliers. It follows agreements over the last 12 months at The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) and Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) with branded suppliers to align efforts around Champions 12.3 goals.



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