Weather wreaks havoc on quality of apples, oranges in parts of European Union

Spain: Hail causes €15M in damages for Valencia fruit growers

The latest 2024 European Commission report shows a steep decline in apple and orange production due to unfavorable weather conditions which caused poor quality fruit in main citrus and apple-producing countries like Poland, Spain, Italy, and France. According to the report, which studies the current trade state of affairs, prices, and overall economy through an […]

Could Africa’s ‘forgotten crops’ be key to a healthier, sustainable future?

What do wild custard apples, bush plums, Malabar spinach, spider plants and bottle gourd have in common? They are all among a group of African fruits and vegetables highlighted as forgotten food crops by a group of researchers at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), the World Vegetable Center, World Agroforestry and other institutions. They say oft-dismissed […]

Record heat leads to severe drought conditions in UK, Europe

As another heatwave hits the European continent, drought conditions and water scarcity in several regions are reducing crop yield and affecting energy production. A staggering portion of Europe is currently exposed to warning (44% of EU+UK) and alert (9% of EU+UK) drought levels, associated with soil moisture deficit in combination with vegetation stress, according to […]

French ag minister: Frosts ‘greatest agricultural catastrophe of 21st century’

The frosts that hit France last week have been described as having the most severe impact on the agricultural industry in recent memory. At least a third of French wine production worth almost €2 billion in sales will be lost this year after rare freezing temperatures devastated many vines and fruit crops across France. The […]