Research & Analysis: Industry Should Focus On Getting the Poor to Eat More

Consumers indeed make produce a personal decision, and to whatever degree the industry — growers/shippers and retailers — can offer more options, consumers will split up their purchases, and so the new items offered will have some volume. It is also true that some of the new items — better varieties, more convenient cuts, interesting […]

Packaging in a visual society: Transparency, sustainability and social stances matter

Packaging is playing a larger role in produce retailing, and technical advances, sustainability and the use of more advanced graphics, along with ongoing consumer concerns for hygiene and food safety are driving development. Consumer trends, including the increasing use of curbside pickup and home delivery, will be the touchstone of effective packaging development and deployment. […]

First freight shipment to arrive on ‘Brexit buster’ Morocco to UK route

The Port of Poole in Dorset is expecting its first delivery via a new direct shipping route from Tangier in Morocco, which was established by United Seaways. A shipment of 100 freights of organic seasonal fruit and vegetables is shortly scheduled northbound while the route will run once per week and largely comprise dry and […]

Shares in UK supermarkets surge amid acquisition speculation

Morrisons introduces 'Love To Help' measures for vulnerable and elderly

Shares in British supermarkets surged today amid speculation that they could be targets for private equity bids, The Evening Standard reports. Sainsbury’s jumped by 13.8p — or 4.8% — to top the FTSE 100. Tesco was the second biggest riser with a gain of 1.6% and Ocado was just behind, up 1%. Momentum in the sector follows the conclusion of the bidding war […]

How will we remember the UK’s summer of 2021 in fresh produce?

Freshfel launches 'SpeakUp' campaign as Year of Fruits and Vegetables kicks off

The summer of 2021 has been one full of change in the UK fresh produce sector. We entered it, still feeling the impacts of Brexit. It took a long time to sort out the basis of how we would finally leave the EU. While the final deal with no tariffs or quotas on trade between […]

Pandemic and Brexit Hit UK Traders Hard

Fresh look for New Covent Garden Market

Wholesale traders across the globe pride themselves on their ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions, to step up their game and show fortitude, unity and resilience while others lose their heads in times of difficulty. I recently read the excellent column by Hunts Point’s Matthew D’Arrigo on (originally printed in the Produce […]

Hindmarch greengrocer store features fruit and veg items, workshops in September

Fruits and vegetables … and fashion? Anya Hindmarch, known for her luxury designer handbags, has created a new line of clothing and accessories that will be featured at her own greengrocer’s store at the Village in Knightsbridge. The store will be only open for one month, but it will feature high-style items for sale as […]