Catastrophic flooding across UK could lead to significant vegetable shortages

Waitrose welcomes in crooked carrots and asymmetrical asparagus for summer

Recent flooding across the UK from Storm Henk along with continual downpours have put in peril a multitude of crops, including carrots and cauliflower, as they were moving toward harvest. The soaking storms, hitting hardest from Nottinghamshire and the Midlands down to the southern coast and stretching to the west, are sending warning signs of […]

Researchers say shortages in UK can be solved with more homegrown produce

While Aldi and other retailers have for the moment provided fixes to the shortages of fruits and vegetables on their shelves, researchers say more needs to be done to stave off potential gaps in the future. A new Green Paper released by the University of Warwick purports that UK should be less reliant on other […]

Australia facing fruit and vegetable shortages until September

As the impact of floods and cold weather hits Australia, the farmer’s federation predicts that fruit and vegetable shortages will continue for six weeks, with supply levels returning to normal in September, but warns that distribution issues and high prices could persist. According to a report by The Guardian, the acting chief executive of the National […]

Cardboard cutouts hide gaps on store shelves left by supply issues

UK supermarkets are using cardboard cutouts of fruit, vegetables and other groceries to fill gaps on shelves because supply problems combined with a shift towards smaller product ranges mean many stores are now too big. Tesco has begun using pictures of asparagus, carrots, oranges and grapes in its fresh produce aisles, prompting ridicule on social […]