Q and A with John Giles: New UK exit referendum talk in Scotland

Editor’s note: Prior to the London Produce Show and Conference in March 2022, Special Projects Editor, Mira Slott, spoke with John Giles, divisional director for Promar International, the value chain consulting arm of Genus plc. In his session at the London show, Giles addressed a plethora of topics from a UK perspective, including labor issues, […]

Waitrose pushes expansion in Scotland by partnering with Margiotta

Waitrose has entered into an agreement and begun delivering its products to Margiotta, a convenience store chain in Scotland known for its high-quality fresh food. The retailer is supplying more than 600 items to 16 of Margiotta’s shops and will add two more locations after the new year as soon as those stores are revamped. […]

Top Scottish berry supplier turns to 100% recycled punnets

Scottish berry supplier Angus Soft Fruits is switching its punnets to 100% recycled material, helping the company save more than 150 tonnes of single use plastic in the coming year. Angus, backed by its popular AVA Berries brand says that will include its strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. It supplies most of the leading supermarkets in […]