Sainsbury’s pushes out 12 fully electric vans to handle deliveries for superstore

Rival supermarkets Waitrose and Tesco both made headlines late last year for use of fully electric-powered lorries to handle deliveries in some areas. As these chains clamor for solutions to achieve net zero by 2035, a new grocer has embraced the EV craze. Sainsbury’s announced this week it is now using a fully electric fleet […]

Aldi beats out Lidl for Cheapest Supermarket in UK for 2022

Discount retail chain Aldi wrapped up another great year here with a shiny new gift in late December – the honour of being named the Cheapest Supermarket in the UK for 2022. The latest Which? report, coming on the heels of others throughout the year that touted Aldi as least expensive for shoppers, officially gave […]

Sainsbury’s trying to keep costs low for consumers as inflation creeps up

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s said it is committed to keeping costs down for struggling consumers and will complete a total investment toward that end of £500m through March of 2023. The retailer says it will keep a range of everyday staple items affordable for shoppers – including fruits and vegetables – by maintaining initiatives such as […]

Sainsbury’s prices veg at 19p to compete with Aldi Super Six Christmas deals

Keenly aware of the potential impact of discount retail during the final weeks of the year, Sainsbury’s says it will be doing its own trimming of prices for shoppers up until Christmas and giving them the highest-quality vegetables, meat and fish in the process. One of the key ingredients to any festive meals are vegetables, […]

Big Five supermarket CEOs commit to sweeping climate change efforts at COP26 Summit

The five big supermarket chains promised to cut carbon emissions in their operations by 2030 during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) taking place in Glasgow. Leaders from Co-Op, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose all said they would do their part in helping to save the environment by trimming food waste, reducing […]

Sainsbury’s pleased with rise in grocery sales, credits ‘food-first’ initiative

Retail roundup: Sainsbury's adding 12,000 roles for Christmas season

UK retailer Sainsbury’s is holding steady during a challenging time for supermarket chains in the UK, posting profits overall in the half-year period that ended in mid-September. Sainsbury’s grocery sales exceeded expectations by increasing 0.8%, even as general merchandise sales tumbled nearly 6% as supply chain troubles plague the industry. But all numbers look better […]