Leaning on ‘quality’ and Food, M&S is big winner during the Christmas period

Despite the admitted challenges and competition facing big retailers in the UK, especially the rise of deep discounters, some are doing quite well. Marks and Spencer, which had its share of struggles before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, has shown particular resilience with a stunning 7% boost from its M&S Food Division during the Christmas […]

Sainsbury’s CEO selected to be keynote speaker at City Food & Drink Lecture

Simon Roberts, chief executive officer at Sainsbury’s, will headline the 2024 City Food & Drink Lecture at London’s Guildhall as its keynote speaker. The event, which for more than two decades has brought together some 700 industry leaders from food, drink and agriculture, will take place on Monday 11th March. Roberts joined the retailer at […]

Sainsbury’s set to unveil ‘crownless’ pineapples in stores this week

It is remarkable what you’ll see when walking down a produce aisle in 2023. You might spot a dragon fruit, star fruit or herbs sprouting from little buckets. Even with all the unusual items popping up every season, some fresh twists still cause shoppers to pause. The latest one from Sainsbury’s promises to catch some […]

Sainsbury’s pushes out 12 fully electric vans to handle deliveries for superstore

Rival supermarkets Waitrose and Tesco both made headlines late last year for use of fully electric-powered lorries to handle deliveries in some areas. As these chains clamor for solutions to achieve net zero by 2035, a new grocer has embraced the EV craze. Sainsbury’s announced this week it is now using a fully electric fleet […]

Aldi beats out Lidl for Cheapest Supermarket in UK for 2022

Discount retail chain Aldi wrapped up another great year here with a shiny new gift in late December – the honour of being named the Cheapest Supermarket in the UK for 2022. The latest Which? report, coming on the heels of others throughout the year that touted Aldi as least expensive for shoppers, officially gave […]