Root vegetables, displayed well, bring color and variety to produce departments

A plethora of colorful and specialty root vegetables, such as carrots, beets, radishes, Tokyo swedes, parsley root and celery root, once were primarily served at white tablecloth, high-end restaurants. While foodservice remains Babé Farms’ primary channel, says Matt Hiltner, marketing coordinator for the Santa Maria, CA-based company, “our brand of colorful and intriguing vegetables is gaining […]

Strange-looking celeriac becoming huge hit in kitchens, UK restaurants

That odd, gnarly-looking vegetable that almost doesn’t look edible is catching the eyes of foodies and chefs across the UK. Celeriac, which is a close relative to celery but without its look or its flavour – both sweet and nutty to the palette – is seeing unprecedented demand in supermarkets such as Tesco. In fact, […]