Jim Prevor: My Thousandth Man

This tribute appeared in Produce Business magazine earlier this year, just two months after the passing of co-founder Jim Prevor. On the wall in my home is a Rudyard Kipling poem that Jim had mounted and framed. He gave it to me about the same year he and Debbie were married. I did not realize […]

Prevor: How United Fresh and PMA Got There — 3 Lessons

This column appeared in the April 2021 edition of Produce Business There was a time when the association that is now known as the Produce Marketing Association was called the Produce Prepackaging Association, and it was in such a difficult state that it pleaded with the then-much-larger United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association, now the […]

With Brexit a factor, growers target larger crop of Picota cherries for UK

UK growers foresee favourable season ahead for cherries from UK, abroad

European Picota cherry growers in Spain’s Jerte Valley west of Madrid are predicting a bountiful harvest in mid-June after a three-week blossom in April that saw pristine weather conditions. More than a million cherry trees are grown on the slopes of the mountain, and this year’s volumes headed to the UK are expected to be […]