Sainsbury’s set to unveil ‘crownless’ pineapples in stores this week

It is remarkable what you’ll see when walking down a produce aisle in 2023. You might spot a dragon fruit, star fruit or herbs sprouting from little buckets. Even with all the unusual items popping up every season, some fresh twists still cause shoppers to pause. The latest one from Sainsbury’s promises to catch some […]

Report: Orchard House Foods, a supplier to top supermarkets, faces administration

Orchard House Foods, a supplier of fresh prepared fruit, juices and jellies for more than 35 years for major retailers including Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Pret-a-Manger, has entered administration according to several reports. The BBC and other news outlets noted that the Corby-based company, which was bought by private equity firm Elaghmore in 2021, […]

Del Monte set to launch first carbon neutral certified pineapple

Fresh Del Monte Produce has announced the upcoming launch of the Del Monte Zero pineapple, its first carbon neutral certified pineapple, which factors in the entire supply chain from farm to table in its North American and select European markets. Using a limited percentage of the company’s total pineapple volumes, the Del Monte Zero pineapple […]