Root vegetables, displayed well, bring color and variety to produce departments

A plethora of colorful and specialty root vegetables, such as carrots, beets, radishes, Tokyo swedes, parsley root and celery root, once were primarily served at white tablecloth, high-end restaurants. While foodservice remains Babé Farms’ primary channel, says Matt Hiltner, marketing coordinator for the Santa Maria, CA-based company, “our brand of colorful and intriguing vegetables is gaining […]

Baking, snacking and gifting can make displays of dried fruits, nuts a seasonal treat

Dried fruits and nuts nourish the sweet and savory joys of autumn and winter events. Displays of in-shell nut assortments, dramatized by the colors of dried fruits, beckon customers to not only savor the snacks, but also promise the pleasures of the forthcoming holidays. During this season, more produce departments are accommodating suppliers’ need for […]

Business sustainability requires new retail pricing model

In my previous column, I discussed the subject of natural sustainability in the industry. This time, I will be moving to another area of sustainability, and that is the overall sustainability of current produce retail pricing. The current retail pricing model is inherently unsustainable. The practice of raising retails arbitrarily to generate profits and inflate […]

Selling fresh produce online must evolve, be more like in-store experience

At the onset of the pandemic, grocery e-commerce jumped forward about five years on its natural growth trajectory. It was the full growth trifecta: more people, more trips and greater spending online. Fresh produce partook, but not to the same extent as center store grocery — a gap that still exists. Across all food and […]

Is there a more valuable fresh produce player than the retail merchandiser?

How has COVID-19 affected the fresh produce sector in the UK?

What makes a good merchandiser at retail? There are several opinions that vary by experience and perception. Upper management says a good merchandiser is one who generates sales and profit projections, plus controls cost. In the produce world, the definition of a good merchandiser is considerably different, although it does contain parts of what upper […]

In this final week of 2023, cast a critical eye on your produce operation

As the end of the year approaches, it’s a good time to take stock of your operation and do a full review to identify strengths and weaknesses and ways to improve the overall operation. An innovative produce retailer is always looking for ways to improve the operation and will undertake this analysis to provide an […]