Sellout gathering descends on Global Cherry Summit in Chile, with China taking centre stage

Chile became the epicenter of the world cherry industry Thursday with more than 1,400 attendees and 80 sector businesses gathered at the Monticello Events Center in Santiago to celebrate the 5th edition of the Global Cherry Summit. A large delegation from China, including the Chinese ambassador in Chile, Niu Qingbao, attended the event, organized by Yentzen […]

Global Cherry Summit, the sector’s premier event, will bring together leaders in April in Chile

Global Cherry Summit's second edition wows attendees in Chile

The Fourth Global Cherry Summit is set to take place on April 20, 2023, at the Monticello Conference Center in San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile. The summit will bring together more than 900 leaders and international business people from at least a dozen countries, including key cherry producing regions, along with more than 70 businesses sponsoring and exhibiting. The diverse […]