Avocado leader Mission Produce will dramatically double space in Dartford to take on mangoes

Mission Produce, Inc., a world leader in sourcing, producing, and distributing fresh Hass avocados, announced expansion plans for its forward distribution center in Dartford, England. This doubling ripening capacity enables the establishment of mango operations.  The expansion, to be completed in Spring 2024, involves the addition of 50% more Mission Control ripening rooms, a mango-specific […]

Sainsbury’s set to unveil ‘crownless’ pineapples in stores this week

It is remarkable what you’ll see when walking down a produce aisle in 2023. You might spot a dragon fruit, star fruit or herbs sprouting from little buckets. Even with all the unusual items popping up every season, some fresh twists still cause shoppers to pause. The latest one from Sainsbury’s promises to catch some […]

Aldi’s Barnes to take over for Tarry in prominent leadership role at Tesco

After 33 years at the helm of the UK’s most successful supermarket chain, Jason Tarry has decided to step down. The Tesco chief executive said he would leave the business to pursue other interests. Among his many achievements, he helped keep the retail chain stable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “Little could I have imagined 33 […]

Shoppers are making more healthy food choices after changes to multibuy promotions

What can be more healthful than expanding the footprints of fresh produce sections in supermarkets? Removing any and all unhealthy products in store aisles that are high in fat, sugar and salt, or HFSS. That has been a mission for Tesco since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and especially as individuals and families have […]

Lidl makes huge surge in London, surpasses Asda in market share

Retailer roundup: Lidl closes Middlesbrough store after staffers contract Covid-19

Supermarket customers in London continue to look for value in their shops, and that is most evident in the soaring popularity of one discount retail chain. Lidl GB, known for its low prices on all products including its lines of fruits and vegetables, has overtaken Asda and moved into third place in the city with […]

Could food inflation in UK finally be waning? Food manufacturer price cuts offer hope

UK grocery sales see significant spike, grow by fastest rate in more than 10 years

Consumer food costs could drop sharply through the end of 2023 after food and drink manufacturers slashed their prices in September to pre-pandemic levels, according to the UK Sector Tracker Report from Lloyd’s Bank. The 48.8 tracker reading, which measures output charges, was down for the second consecutive month and was the lowest since February […]

New Covent Garden Market being honoured for unprecedented efforts in cutting waste

LPS19 offering wholesale market tours to New Covent Garden Market or New Spitalfields Market

The work done behind the scenes to keep New Covent Garden Market running efficiently might not get as much notice as the bustle of wholesale activity happening on the floor in Nine Elms, London. But it is nonetheless astonishing to see how significant the efforts are by Market stakeholders to be environmental stewards. None of […]

What place does artificial intelligence have in fresh produce? It’s simply, the future.

For all the excitement about ChatGPT, it requires significant effort for companies to harness the power of artificial intelligence and related technologies, such as machine learning. However, doing so isn’t just advantageous, it’s crucial — because any company that doesn’t keep pace with developments is going to watch as its competitors master it. Walmart is […]