Wholesalers don’t just provide fresh produce, they do it all for customers

Wholesalers are experiencing an identity crisis amid the increasingly competitive arena of produce distributors. Our customer needs are changing, and it is up to wholesalers to adapt to this new environment to stay relevant. Luckily, wholesalers are characterized by their immense dedication to the business, and we don’t just overcome hurdles, we break right through […]

The Road to SQF Isn’t Easy, But It’s Important

Food safety programs reflect the highest possible food safety standards are being met throughout the food supply chain, all the way to the end consumer — the ultimate goal. These meticulous and credible practices are recognized by foodservice providers, retailers, stores, and brand owners alike. In the wholesale produce industry, we rely heavily on having […]

Wholesale market: Food safety as you’ve never thought about it before

When we hear the phrase ‘food safety’ in the produce industry, many people’s minds go right to traceability, block chain, paperwork, and certifications. Take my family’s wholesale/distribution business, S. Katzman Produce, for instance. Every day, we check temperatures, fill out paperwork, tag up product, track packages all throughout the supply chain, and, of course, go […]

25 years, 25 projects, 27 columns … and still running

In November 1996 – a little more than 25 years ago – I set my first steps in what became a lifelong passion: creativity in fresh produce. And what a journey it has been! To celebrate the many blessings that the world of fresh produce has given me, I have decided to commit as much […]

Packaging in a visual society: Transparency, sustainability and social stances matter

Packaging is playing a larger role in produce retailing, and technical advances, sustainability and the use of more advanced graphics, along with ongoing consumer concerns for hygiene and food safety are driving development. Consumer trends, including the increasing use of curbside pickup and home delivery, will be the touchstone of effective packaging development and deployment. […]

New Initiatives in Southern Hemisphere Fresh Fruit

Chile citrus 4

The Southern Hemisphere Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters (SHAFFE) was founded in the early 1990’s from the leading trade organisations from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and Uruguay. The idea was to form a common platform for exchange on the most crucial market access matters in Northern Hemisphere markets, including phytosanitary […]