Global Grape Summit 2022: From 6 continents, industry gathers to build the future

A drumroll please… Each event we do requires the generous participation of a global selection of industry experts. For 2022, we moved The Global Grape Summit from its previous location in London to Bakersfield, California, in the heart of the California grape industry. Yet the faculty comes from across the globe, from Europe to Australia, […]

Rabobank: Inflation in Europe leading consumers to choose private label

Tesco planning big sales push over next five years on meat alternatives

With food prices soaring across the globe, in Europe consumers and food retailers are opting for private label products. According to an article by Rabobank, in Europe, supermarket prices have risen by 7 to 9 percent so far in May and the end is not yet in sight. Given the impact of the current inflation on […]