Several UK companies will be in Spotlight as fresh produce innovators at Fruit Logistica

Several UK companies will be in Spotlight as fresh produce innovators at Fruit Logistica

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For attendees who will be at Fruit Logistica on 5-7 February in Berlin, Spotlight – the show’s dedicated collection of world firsts, European premieres and event debutants – can help identify the latest developments in the fresh produce industry.

Sustainability plays a starring role in 2020, with several Spotlight stars reflecting what
is a central theme across this year’s exhibition. UK-based Keymac is among those who will unveil environmentally friendly packaging options.

Fruit Logistica’s sustainability focus starts with the publication of a major new
study into challenges faced by companies throughout the global fresh fruit and
vegetable business, as the industry grapples with a series of environmental and
ethical issues. Entitled “Do The Right Thing (Right)”, the Fruit Logistica Trend
Report 2020
will be published during World of Fresh Ideas, the exhibition’s
official curtain-raiser event, which takes place on 4 February.

A total of 81 fresh innovations from 14 countries – including 38 world premieres – are
featured in this year’s Spotlight collection. Among them are this group of UK innovators:

Recycled film made from plastic bottles

Recycled film made from plastic bottles

Film made from recycled PET from DuPont Teijin Films aims to reduce the user’s CO2 footprint.

Last year, DuPont Teijin Films presented its Harvest Fresh rPET series at FRUIT LOGISTICA. After its successful market debut, the company is now announcing the manufacture of the entire range of lid films with the multiple award-winning depolymerisation process LuxCR™. Unlike mechanical recycling, chemical recycling technology allows for more frequent reuse of PET. It can also process a wider range of waste materials. The material of the films produced with the LuxCR™ process has the exact same chemical composition as new plastic, and is ideal for contact with food. The Harvest Fresh rPET series is also environmentally friendly, with an estimated CO2 reduction of 1.4 kilograms per one kilo of replaced new material.

DuPont Teijin Films UK Ltd

Hall 8.2, Booth B-19

Contact: Caroline L. Wray
Phone: +44 (0) 1642 572000
[email protected]


Cooling as needed

Cooling as needed


It is often difficult for small farmers in particular to appropriately cool their products. This usually leaves them at a disadvantage in the supply chain. InspiraFarms provides help with on-demand cooling houses. The company is already operating the first Pay-As-You-Chill cooling houses in Mexico and Kenya. Around 200 producers benefit from each facility, and have been able to increase their revenue by approximately 30 per cent. The fees are calculated by product type, quantity and cooling time. Flat rates and longer-term contracts are possible, too. Planning of new rural cooling centres always involves analysis and specification of the output level under consideration of customer requirements. InspiraFarms provides maintenance and upkeep of the cooling houses.

Hall 26, Booth C-28

Contact: Paula Rodriguez
Phone: + 39 339522 4224
[email protected]


Well packaged in cardboard

Well packaged in cardboard

The new machine from Keymac quickly packages fresh produce in cardboard sleeves.

Keymac Packaging Systems is presenting at FRUIT LOGISTICA for the first time. The company with production sites in Great Britain and the USA is bringing a new machine with it: the K101 Sleever for fresh produce like apples and pears. It is able to automatically place a cardboard box with loose products into a cardboard sleeve at a speed of up to 60 packages per minute. The result is a completely recyclable packaging that protects the contents and makes them visible, too. The recesses in the sleep also serve as practical handles. The K101 is compact, making it ideal for companies with limited space. The package size can be changed without tools or part replacements in just a few minutes, meaning multiple package sites can be filled per day without issue.

Hall 7.1b, Booth A-03

Contact: Michael Woods
Phone: +44 (0) 7935 221 877
[email protected]


Into the sack

Into the sack

The cotton sack KK BAG is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic..

Italian company Kuku International Packaging offers an alternative to plastic packaging with its KK BAG. This lattice sack is made from cotton, a natural and renewable resource, and is thus completely biodegradable. It was solely processed with natural materials in order to make the cotton stable. KK BAG is ideal for potatoes, onions, carrots and other vegetables. It is also a durable and ecological packaging for various nuts. Kuku International Packaging can reliably and quickly deliver smaller quantities of sacks as well thanks to its production system. KK BAG is available in a wide range of colours. Upon request it can also come with a personalised paper band with logo and information on the product.

Kuku International Packaging srl

IT- Palata Pepoli (BO)
Hall 6.2, Booth A-03

Contact: Serena Ruppi
Phone: +39 345 7442980
[email protected]


Quickly packaged

Quickly packaged

The tray sealer GT4s seals all sorts of packaging at high speeds.

According to Proseal, its GT4s is the fastest tray sealer of its size. The British company developed the high-speed machine to seal covers on premade trays. It can be used for all shapes, sizes and materials. Thanks to its high-end construction, the machine is very efficient and reliably supplements every production line. The GT4s from Proseal is designed to process 160 packaging units per minute. This speed comes with enormous flexibility, so that various tray types can be sealed with equal efficiency and precision. The entire product change process is complete in less than five minutes thanks to the easy tool design and quick single-button operation. This makes it easier to adapt to new packaging trends.

UK- Adlington
Hall 7.1b, Booth B-04

Contact: Isobel Leathley
Phone: +44 1625 856 600
[email protected]


Bacterial protection for potatoes

Bacterial protection for potatoes

The ethylene generators from Restrain offer long-term bacterial protection for potatoes.

Because of the EU’s ban on chlorpropham (CIPC) as a germination inhibitor for potatoes, producers have to seek out alternatives. Restrain, a company that is already operating in 36 countries, offers one sustainable option: ethylene generators. They have been used to store potatoes for over 14 years, and are equipped with unique sensors that ensure stable, low ethylene content. The generators have a holding capacity of 20 litres, meaning they do not have to be filled every day unlike other catalytic converters. Restrain improved the sensor technology for the new generator models B100 and B200. The generators require very little maintenance. They leave the factory completely calibrated and are thus ready for use right away.

Hall 4.1, Booth C-06

Contact: Paul O’Connor
Phone: +31 6 23 93 57 14
[email protected]


Labelling large fruits in record time

Labelling large fruits in record time

The Large Label V6 technology from Sinclair labels 400 large fruits per minute

Sinclair Large Label V6 technology can label larger fruit and vegetable varieties like melons or pumpkins. The Large Label V6 uses hit-on-sight technology that allows it to label larger fruits at a speed of up to 400 units per minute. Sinclair has also recently expanded its range of labels to suit its machine. Sinclair Large labels are not available in sizes from 59 by 64 millimetres to 78 by 61 millimetres. The Large Label V6 offers a sizer interface and its height can be adjusted for a variety of fresh products. It offers its users flexible ways to mount it on a variety of packaging machines.

Hall 4.1, Booth B-09

Contact: Duncan Jones
Phone: +44 7970 725 752
[email protected]


The art of healthy living

The art of healthy living

The cherry plum tomato Yuka has a sweet, fruity flavour.

With the new consumer brand Ikygai, Top Seeds International is repositioning itself on the market. This producer of seeds is playing a stronger role in the supply chain. Based on the Japanese term for a balanced and healthy lifestyle, all of Ikygai’s products stand for health, beauty, flavour and inspiration. The brand includes Top Seeds International’s particularly nutritious products. One of them is Yuka. This tomato variety is cultivated at select locations where salt-rich soil improves its flavour and nutrition. The elegant, uniform Yuka cherry plum tomato has a strong stem with an average weight of 30-35 grams. It is resistant to splitting, tastes fresh, sweet and juicy, and is thus more like a fruit than a tomato.

Top Seeds International
ISR-Moshav Sharona
Hall B, CityCube, Booth C-05

Contact: Stefania Duminuco c/o fruitecom
Phone: +39 334 6453395
[email protected]



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