Rijk Zwaan opens “retail centre” showcasing fresh produce technologies

Rijk Zwaan opens “retail centre” showcasing fresh produce technologies


Vegetable breeder Rijk Zwaan opened its new Berlin-based retail centre yesterday (April 3) designed to inspire and inform international partners by showcasing latest technologies in the fresh produce space.

Eye-tracking glasses that can monitor what attracts consumers’ attention as they shop are among the state-of-the art innovations at the centre.

The idea is for Rijk Zwaan to use its wealth of knowledge and experience about food retailers’ fresh produce departments to help find solutions for partners by analysing aspects like the  success and failure factors when launching a new product as well as what impacts consumer acceptance.

In addition, the centre will help identify the right priorities for the company’s own breeding programmes.

“For retailers, the fresh category is a great way to set themselves apart,” says business development manager, Jörg Werner.

“Thanks to our retail centre we now have the possibility to give them better, customised recommendations and to jointly prepare product introductions.

“At the same time, it will help Rijk Zwaan to develop varieties and concepts that respond to market wishes. Together, we can use this retail centre to boost sales and to contribute to higher vegetable consumption.”

During yesterday’s official opening, Rijk Zwaan presented an extensive product range in multiple on-shelf product displays including the eye-tracking glasses, a technology Werner describes as a newcomer for fresh produce.

“Tools like these are already used regularly in other product categories, but they are relatively new in fresh produce,” he adds.

“Combined with on-the-spot in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, we now have everything we need to study and analyse consumer buying behaviour.

“Furthermore, the location offers Rijk Zwaan employees and partners endless possibilities to organise all kinds of training sessions and inspirational events.”




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