Rijk Zwaan launch “Crystal” lettuce

Rijk Zwaan launch “Crystal” lettuce


The Dutch vegetable breeder claims the new Crystal lettuce is the tastiest variety the company has ever launched.

Described as a “frilly, open lettuce with the bite of an Iceberg”, Rijk Zwaan has just presented the new variety to the Asian market.

“Besides its sweetness and crunchiness, it stands out because of its high number of robust and slightly blistered leaves,” says lettuce crop coordinator, Harry Turna.

“They maintain their attractive texture and ‘bite’ even when they are combined with warm ingredients. This makes Crystal lettuce ideal for use in burgers and sandwiches, as well as in traditional Asian ‘hot pot’ dishes.”

It can be grown all year round and is especially suitable for hydroponic production in southeast Asia, high-intensity lit crops and plant factories.

Practical trials with selected growers are due to take place in the coming months and seeds are expected to be commercially available from next March.

The Crystal lettuce leaves are also suitable for fresh, loose-leaf consumption and offer opportunities for retailers, both for the whole-head market and for pre-washed, bagged salads.

Rijk Zwaan adds the lettuce is interesting for other markets in Europe and Australia because of its wide range of applications.



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