Report supply chain food waste through new “hotline”, urge Tesco

Report supply chain food waste through new “hotline”, urge Tesco


Fruit and vegetables suppliers can pinpoint food waste hotspots through a new online Tesco food waste hotline designed to tackle supply chain food waste

Tesco has launched a new online food waste hotline for suppliers and producers to identify specific areas where food waste is prevalent within the supply chain.

The ‘hotline’ will alert Tesco product teams to potential food waste and can be used by any grower or supplier via the supermarket’s online supplier network, a resource available to more than 5,000 Tesco partners around the world.

This is the latest Tesco initiative focused on food waste and is part of the retailers pledge to help halve food waste by 2025. The supermarket has also claimed that no surplus food will be wasted in its UK operations by the end of this year.

“At Tesco, we have no time for waste, and we are committed to reducing food waste wherever it occurs, from farm to fork,” says Matt Simister, commercial director, Fresh Food and Commodities at Tesco.

“The ‘food waste hotline’ is another little help we are making to achieve this with our suppliers. It helps our suppliers gain direct, easy access to our product teams, and this will enable us to identify food waste hotspots and systemic issues and work in partnership to tackle them.”



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