Online tool to track trade, production and consumption
The programme pools trade and production statistics from FAOstat, Eurostat and UN Comtrade

Online tool to track trade, production and consumption

Gill McShane

Freshfel Europe members now have direct access to production, import, export and consumption statistics for fresh fruit and vegetables in the European Union (EU) and around the world thanks to a new online database launched by the European Fresh Produce Association

The simple and easily accessible tool offers direct visualisation of data through graphs and tables, as well as the extraction of data into Excel charts, according to Freshfel.

“This new database responds to the need of the fruit and vegetable sector to know the production, trade and consumption trends in Europe and around the world,” explains Freshfel general delegate Philippe Binard. 

“We believe that it gives our members an essential instrument to understand the developments on the European and international markets. From now on, they can simply go online to consult these figures directly.”

The programme brings together trade and production statistics from the official databases FAOstat (production), Eurostat (EU trade) and UN Comtrade (global trade) for all fresh fruit and vegetables categories.

The production statistics illustrate the production volume and harvested acreage for all individual fruit and vegetables in all countries of the world.

The trade statistics in the EU and the world can be consulted in general (overall fruit and vegetable trade) but also in great detail (specific exporters and importers, specific products).

The consumption figures are calculated by Freshfel and based on collated official figures, using the same methodology that lies behind the popular annual Freshfel Consumption Monitor.

Freshfel said the consumption data it provides should not be seen as hard evidence, but as a guide that can give valuable insight into trends and developments for a wide range of products in different EU and non-EU countries.

• Freshfel represents the interests of the fresh fruit and vegetables supply chain in Europe and beyond and currently has over 200 members, including both companies and associations. The database has been developed as a service for those members and access is therefore restricted. Anyone interested in the database and the work of Freshfel can find out more here.




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