New trends to further drive avocado growth in 2019, says World Avocado Organization

New trends to further drive avocado growth in 2019, says World Avocado Organization


The World Avocado Organization (WAO) expects continued strong growth in Europe and the UK during 2019, thanks in part to several food trends.

As part of its 2019 Avocado Forecast, the entity said that the region consumed over 650 million kilos of avocados, adding that Europe remains one of the fastest growing markets worldwide.

“With growth expected to continue by at least 15 percent per year in the next five years, the ‘Fruit of Life’ is in no danger of falling out of favor,” it said.

The WAO gave the following five reasons why avocados “will continue to fly off the shelves this year”:

  1. Veganism gone viral: the unstoppable rise of veganism continues as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health and environmental benefits of plant based diets. Both Forbes and The Economist have tipped 2019 to be the most popular year for veganism yet and charity, Veganuary, anticipates more than 300,000 participants in this month’s vegan movement. With more people turning to a vegan lifestyle, demand for vegan foods in on the up and the avocado remains a firm favourite thanks to its abundance of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.
  2. Health is wealth: Our growing passion for health and fitness is here to stay, as every year we are becoming ever more conscious of how we look after ourselves and what we put into our bodies. When it comes to fitness, we demand the best foods to support our gym regimes and the high potassium content of the avocado makes it a great post-workout recovery choice. When it comes to our health, we look for nutrient-dense choices that pack a punch of health benefits. Loaded with fibre, which promotes weight loss and metabolic health, the avocado remains the ingredient of choice for those pursuing a healthy lifestyle across the UK.
  3. Fats are friends, not foe: The importance of good fats is hot on the media agenda and something we, as a nation, are becoming increasingly aware of.  Unlike any other fruit, avocados are loaded with heart-healthy mono-saturated fats, which help to maintain a normal blood cholesterol level and can help to lower the risk of heart disease. Time to stock up the fruit bowl!
  4. Photogenic food: Studies show that 69% of millennials take pictures of their food before eating, and with hashtags such as #foodporn and #foodie garnering millions of followers, the trend is showing no signs of slowing. It goes without saying that avocados are one of the most Instagrammable foods out there, from burrito bowls to smoothies and the ever-popular avocado toast; we’re a nation of avocado-snappers! Looking to boost your grid? Visit Colette Dike’s Food Deco for some truly amazing avocado Instagram inspiration.
  5. Frozen treats: Low calorie, dairy-free ice creams remain top of the agenda for health-conscious consumers, with vegan ice creams continuing to grow in popularity in recent years. The trend is set to see 2019 bring a host of new variants to our supermarket shelves – from avocado, to tahini and hummus. Spoons at the ready!

Xavier Equihua, chief executive of WAO, said: “From avocado gelato to avo burgers and smoothies, the versatility and delicious taste are just a few of the reasons why the nation loves avocados and why we, at the World Avocado Organisation, expect to see the fruit continue to grow in popularity throughout this year.

“2018 was a record year for avocado-inspired innovation in the food industry from avocado gelato to avocado pizza and 2019 is set to eclipse these exciting culinary trends with the likes of avocado popsicles and avocado beer on the rise. We’re excited to see what this year brings by way of innovative and inspiring avocado creations. Watch this space!”



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