Mini “heatwave” leads to unusually late strawberry crop

Mini “heatwave” leads to unusually late strawberry crop


It’s a rare sight to see home-grown strawberries on supermarket shelves at this time of the year, but thanks to the perfect mix of warm weather and some rain, growers across the UK have experienced significantly higher volumes than usual.

This has led to late availability for Tesco which say is will be selling strawberries until Halloween.

The British strawberry season is usually over by the end of the September but extra hours of sunshine and the recent mini heatwave have created enough of the fruit to last well into autumn.

“Fans of British strawberries are in for a real treat as our home-grown variety are considered to be the very best in the world,” says Tesco strawberry buyer Ben Rowbotham.

“It’s very rare for British strawberries to still be on sale at this time of year and we should have enough to last right through until Halloween.

Usually the last British strawberries of the season are grown in Scotland but the fine weather has helped growers right across Britain including Kent, West and East Sussex, Essex, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Perthshire, Arbroath in Angus.

The strawberries will be available at Tesco stores across the UK and will cost £2 for a 300g box and £3.25 for 600g.



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