Meeting Migo the “Friendly Pear” at Fruit Logistica

Meeting Migo the “Friendly Pear” at Fruit Logistica

Ganor Sel

Migo is grown from producers of three partners, one of which is Fruitmasters, based in the Netherlands, and appeared on supermarket shelves for the first time in autumn 2016.

A few months on from the launch and spreading the “Migo” smile during Fruit Logistica last week was supplier Fruistmasters, one of three producer partners promoting what it describes as “the friendly pear, you can eat anytime, anywhere’.

The Migo branded pear has been bred for its durability, taste quality, and to tap into the growing on-the-go convenience trend, explains sales manager Sander Vernooij at the Fruitmasters stand.

“It was grown to be marketed for durability so scaring and marking is kept to a minimum. It’s like  the Migo pear can’t always be protected, but it has been bred with this factor at the forefront,” Vernooij told PBUK.

“Migo is still new so let’s say if somebody goes to the market, and they want a pear well, there are many brands so they might not be too familiar with it yet, but Migo is an very attractive pear and does stand out. The first impression is very good.

“In terms of its taste profile, it’s got a really good firm bite with no drip, it’s of a premium quality, with quite a sweet flavour.”

Although he didn’t have specific volumes, Vernooij said there is plenty of supply for key markets as the season continues.

In terms of promotion, presenting the Migo is centered around its slogan “The friendly pear” complete with a smiling face sticker.

“The fruit has a good smooth skin, very nice colour and our feedback has been that they are extremely premium quality pears.

“We also want to market the fruit as a good snacking alternative for everyone, including children and adults who can take it into work, drop in a bag and eat it as a convenience snack.

“Right now it’s still in the initial stages of being available in the market so promotion is about spreading the word about Migo and the positive and cheerful campaign surrounding it.”

Apparently eating Migo “makes you smile”, adds Vernooij who said the Fruitmasters team had been getting heavy interest during last week’s trade event in Berlin.




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