Leek campaign kicks off, backed by award-winning nutritional therapist Christine Bailey

Leek campaign kicks off, backed by award-winning nutritional therapist Christine Bailey


Christine Bailey
Nutritional therapist Christine Bailey

A new promotional campaign designed to encourage more consumers to eat fresh British leeks launches next week (1st November) to highlight the 2017/18 season.

Backed by the Leek Growers Association, a collaboration of leek growers and seed companies, the initiative is designed to raise awareness of the nutritional and taste benefits of fresh seasonal leeks while demonstrating just how easy they are to prepare and cook.

A variety of print, broadcast and social media channels will be targeted via a comprehensive PR campaign that aims to bring the seasonal British legumes to the attention of the consumer.

The campaign will have a strong focus on the nutritional benefits of leeks and in particular recent research findings from the University of Colorado that demonstrates prebiotics – a type of dietary fibre which boosts levels of beneficial gut bacteria – could help improve sleep and relieve stress.  

Leeks are packed with natural sources of inulin, a type of prebiotic. The British season runs from November to April 2018.

The campaign is working with award-winning nutritional therapist and author of The Gut Health Diet Plan Christine Bailey. She has created a suite of leek-based, gut-friendly recipes and drafted a series of consumer feature articles that interpret the recent academic findings and how they can impact consumers’ daily lives.

“Not only are leeks packed with essential vitamins and minerals they are rich in specific health-promoting antioxidants and particular types of fibre known to promote a healthy gut,”says Bailey.

Tim Casey the British Leek Growers Association chairman adds how the idea is to target a broad spectrum of consumers from young affluent professionals to families.

“It aims to inspire and educate them about the benefits of eating seasonal, traditional British leeks and ultimately to drive trial and repeat purchase.”



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