Jupiter rises with new “elite” grape brand

Jupiter rises with new “elite” grape brand

Ganor Sel

Fresh Produce suppliers Jupiter Marketing is introducing a new Leda grape brand focused on taste, which could be rolled out to include apples and other fruit categories later this year.

Jupiter’s existing Elara Gold range covers all categories of fresh produce and is doing well in  UK and overseas markets, but the Shropshire-based company was looking for another brand to emphasis the taste and eating profile and of its grapes, according to managing director Yvonne Tweddle.

“We are always looking for new ways to sell our product and with a number of successful brands in the produce arena we felt we had a good chance of making a brand work with our product,” she tells PBUK.

Sometimes, brands can overlook taste when they focus too much on shelf life and getting premium quality, which often translates to sizing, according to Tweddle. Jupiter can better control its new brand of Leda grapes because its teams work directly with growers, including Indian grape producers.

“The brand is about eating quality not just premium quality. Premium can be larger size grape and certain varieties but they do not always deliver eating quality. Our brand will focus on the taste experience for the consumer.

“We source from all over the world as a business, but are now growing our own in areas of the world. By growing our own grape we can guarantee the quality.

“Elara Gold is a brand which spans all the produce categories offering retailers a good quality and a complete range for their stores. Leda has a different focus and target market allowing both brands to work in their respective target markets.

“During this year we will have produce available for sale and will announce stockists nearer to the time.”



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