HelloFresh partners with Jamie Oliver to further inspire healthy home cooking
Jamie Oliver will provide the recipe ideas while HelloFresh will deliver all the ingredients

HelloFresh partners with Jamie Oliver to further inspire healthy home cooking

Gill McShane

International fresh food delivery service HelloFresh has teamed up with Jamie Oliver Limited to make it even easier for people to cook tasty, nutritious food from scratch in their own homes. Under the new partnership, the duo say they aim to empower consumers to make better food choices and cook using fresh ingredients, no matter what their lifestyle

Founded in November 2011, HelloFresh has in recent years branched into an entirely new segment in the food industry: cook it yourself, without prior planning, shopping or food waste.

“We want to give everyone – regardless of the time they have at their disposal or the cooking skills they possess – an opportunity to discover the pleasure of cooking healthy, tasty meals,” says Dominik Richter, co-founder and CEO of the Berlin-based company.

“In Jamie we have found the best, most trusted and most committed partner for this mission: to convince people to cook healthy, tasty meals without any hassle. With HelloFresh, customers get all the fresh ingredients they need, delivered straight to their doorstep. We are convinced that together with Jamie, we can inspire people to re-discover the joy of cooking together and eating balanced and tasty meals.”

Two brands, one mission

In order to provide customers with fresh inspiration and new services, HelloFresh says it regularly strikes up partnerships with like-minded brands and Jamie Oliver Limited is one of those partners. The decision to engage in this latest partnership has been made by both parties.

Indeed HelloFresh tells PBUK there has been a close connection between the company and Jamie Oliver for some time. Right from the outset, Richter claims there was a “fabulous, creative connection” between the two businesses and the notion that together they could “inspire people in a big way”.

“Jamie and HelloFresh are of one mind on healthy, high-quality food,” Richter says. “We agree that cooking must be fun and that it is best when shared with family and friends.

“It makes so much sense that we are joining forces to achieve more together. Jamie’s recipes are a valuable addition to our already great choice of recipes, and we can offer an even bigger variety to our customers.”

According to Jamie Oliver, meanwhile, being time poor is one of the “greatest challenges” of our time and a reality that often affects how we feed ourselves, which is why he champions schemes like HelloFresh.

“It’s an issue I’ve tried to tackle head on and one that HelloFresh solves in a clever and comfortable way,” Oliver explains. “Food and cooking is a joy and a shared passion and that’s why I can’t wait to get started working with them and sharing some of my favourite recipes.”

Jamie’s recipes in HelloFresh boxes

HelloFresh says it provides “perfectly portioned” fresh, local ingredients and cooking instructions for three to five home-cooked meals per week. This, the firm states, empowers the consumer to cook themselves without prior planning, shopping or food waste.

Under the partnership with Jamie Oliver Limited, which extends across six countries where HelloFresh is active – the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Austria – HelloFresh customers will be able to choose Jamie Oliver recipes to add to their boxes from January 2016.

The recipes are designed to meet the needs of HelloFresh subscribers and their different culinary preference and they will be in line with the firm’s customer promise of “cooking easy, fresh and quick”.

“Every contributed recipe from Jamie will be specifically tailored to the needs of our customers and he will add enough recipes to position us to include one of his recipes in every weekly HelloFresh box,” explains Richter.

“The partnership focuses on a continuous creativity flow, which also includes the regular contribution of new, specifically tailored, recipes over the time of the partnership.”

In addition, HelloFresh will donate to the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation per meal box sold during the partnership, as well as supporting other activities run by the organisation.

HelloFresh delivered 13.2 million meals in the three months ended September 30, 2015, and in October delivered 5.5m meals to seven different countries across three different continents.

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