Greenfood Iberica takes bold climate action in Plant For Life project
Photo courtesy of Greenfood Iberica

Greenfood Iberica takes bold climate action in Plant For Life project

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Greenfood Iberica – a part of Greenfood Group, one of the largest corporate groups operating in the Nordic healthy food industry – launched its ‘Plant For Life’ initiative, a  project that aims to building a sustainable future for all.

Greenfood Iberica, a full-service specialist for the direct distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, plans to donate one tree for every metric ton of fresh produce sold by the company under its Daily Greens brand through the Plant For Life initiative. The donation will go to the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation, which will plant the trees and nurture their development. By the end of this year, 2,500 trees will be planted in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, as a result.

“No more talking, let’s start doing something positive!” says Jussi Alitalo, CEOof Greenfood Iberica, which is based in Mont-ras, Girona, and sources to the UK,: “Our planet needs us, and we believe that it’s time to take action.  Each time our customers buy Daily Greens produce from us, they will be contributing towards offsetting the carbon footprint generated by the production and transport of those products. The more Daily Greens we sell, the better the impact we can have for our planet and our people.”

Greenfood Group has a fully operational, group-wide sustainability organisation that is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Greenfood Iberica has chosen to support reforestation since forests are regarded as being crucial for combating climate change. 

“We want to grow with our customers by helping them to offer consumers healthy, sustainable and tasty products that have been ethically produced, with respect for workers’ rights, and supplied in practical packaging,” Alitalo explains. “Our Plant for Life project represents another important step along this journey.”

Founded in 2004, Greenfood Iberica distributes fruits and vegetables ‘fresh from the field’ in Spain to countries across northern Europe.Customers include wholesalers, fresh-cut produce providers and retailers in the UK, Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and France. In 2018, the firm delivered 2,800 trucks of fresh produce from Spain to wholesalers, fresh-cut processors and retailers in northern Europe. The company’s products range from the conventional (iceberg lettuce, brassicas, oranges, lemons, clementines, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes) to specialities, such as organic produce, oriental vegetables, aromatic herbs, sprouts, exotics and root vegetables.

The company’s Daily Greens brand covers 50 different products.



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