Germany: Rewe gives €600,000 to Central American banana fund

Germany: Rewe gives €600,000 to Central American banana fund



The retailer’s banana fund goes towards a series of social and environmental projects in banana-growing areas, with the latest round destined for Costa Rica and Panama.

A recent “action week” held by German retailer Rewe raised almost two-thirds of the funding for its latest round of support for banana funds in Latin America.

Between August 14-26, for every kilogram of bananas sold the company put €0.10 towards its banana fund, raising €382,182.

The recently announced €600,000 for Costa Rica and Panama takes the company’s total donations since 2007 to €2.1 million.

Projects can cover a diverse range of initiatives, including education, youth work, medical care, drinking water supply, infrastructure and biodiversity.

Proposals can be made to development group GIZ, and after an evaluation of criteria they are submitted to an advisory board including representatives of Chiquita, Dole, Fyffes, Caritas Costa Rica and Rewe Group.

Rewe has highlighted 14 projects that have already been completed with the support of its banana fund, while 11 projects are being implemented and 16 are in the planning stage.

Examples of completed projects include a renovated and extended health centre in Waldeck Costa Rica, and an enclosure to protect the nests and eggs of endangered turtles in San San Pond Sak, Panama.

Rewe added it was also engaged in the World Banana Forum (WBF) and was taking part in a joint project on living wages. The group highlighted its commitment to Rainforest Alliance certification for its grower suppliers.



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