General election is on for June 8

General election is on for June 8


Prime Minister Theresa May

MPs have backed Theresa May’s calls for a general election to be held on June 8.

During a House of Commons vote earlier this afternoon (April 19), MPs voted 522 in support of the Prime Minister’s snap general election, with 13 votes against.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats also supported the move.

A general election wasn’t expected until 2020 but under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, one can be called earlier if it has the support of two-thirds of MPs.

May has said an early general election will help strengthen Brexit negotiations and stressed how Britain needs “strong leadership” to support the talks and to prepare for leaving the EU.

Ever since last year’s June referendum results calling for the UK to leave Europe, the UK farming and food industry has been calling for clarity on what that means for various sectors.

In a statement from National Farmers’ Union president Meurig Raymond he reiterated the need for greater clarity on Brexit issues affecting farmers and the agricultural industry in general.

“With farming arguably the sector most impacted by Brexit, NFU members will want to understand how each of the political parties plans to support profitable, productive and progressive agriculture and horticulture in the future,” he said.

“The right post-Brexit trade deal is absolutely critical but equally so is a new wider policy framework that better delivers for farming and the nation.

“Throughout the next seven weeks the NFU will ensure that all parties fully understand and engage with the food and farming community on the issues facing the sector both now and post-Brexit.”



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