Freshfel launches 'SpeakUp' campaign as Year of Fruits and Vegetables kicks off

Freshfel launches ‘SpeakUp’ campaign as Year of Fruits and Vegetables kicks off

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The European Fresh Produce Association (Freshfel Europe) has launched its flagship digital campaign for 2021 – #SpeakUp4FruitVeg.

The campaign is in response to the United Nations’ declaration of 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables with the objective of supporting and celebrating the initiative.

The campaign will also be aimed at EU decision-makers, such as officials of the European Commission and European Parliament members, with the goal of increasing technical and financial support for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

Freshfel Europe is asking for support within all policy areas in the shift towards healthier and more sustainable eating under the European Green Deal, which was introduced in 2019.

Many EU citizens do not meet the minimum daily fruit and vegetable recommendation outlined by the World Health Organization. The current average consumption per capita is just under 364g (12.8oz) as opposed to the recommended 400g (14oz).

In regards to the campaign, Freshfel Europe General delegate Philippe Binard said that #SpeakUp4FruitVeg “builds on the association’s work to boost support for the sector in all areas in the renewed movement towards sustainable and healthy diets.”

He also stated “With low environmental impact production and a high daily consumption recommendation the fruit and vegetable sector is best placed to help consumers reduce their food consumption impact on the environment and simultaneously better their overall health and wellbeing. We need increased support by EU policy-makers to realize this in all demographics across Europe.”

This campaign will take place throughout 2021 and will be featured across Freshfel Europe’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Freshfel Europe also invites its members to further circulate the campaign’s activities in their own work to engage in the 2021 International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.



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