Florette shakes up fresh category with ready-to-blend “smoothie” ingredients in a bag

Florette shakes up fresh category with ready-to-blend “smoothie” ingredients in a bag

Ganor Sel

Salad brand Florette has launched a new energy-boosting Smoothie Mix, a prepared bag of fresh-cut vegetables and leaves ready to be pulped into a power drink.

Available through Ocado, Amazon Fresh and Booths in the UK, as well as retail chain Dunnes and wholesaler Musgraves in Ireland, the new Florette range is tapping into the trend for personalised nutrition and the increased use of smoothies as a way to pack fruit and vegetables into the diet.

“There has been a significant rise in the popularity of purchasing blenders like the Nutribullet – which have almost doubled in the past year – which indicates a growing consumer demand for smoothies,” a Florette spokesperson tells PBUK.

“Research suggests that these consumers perceive a nutritional benefit to freshly prepared smoothies over bottled.”

Florette’s expansion into the smoothie market presents the opportunity to reach a new audience by appealing to health conscious shoppers looking for nutritious choices that are also convenient and hassle-free.

There are two mixed bags on offer with crops produced in Spain on behalf on Florette. Both retail at £1.50.

The “Energy Boost” bag contains washed and ready to eat beetroot, spinach, baby kale, Ruby Chard with a sachet of sunflower and flax seeds with dried cranberries.

The “Superfood” mixed bag consists of spinach, beetroot, carrot, Ruby Chard with a sachet of sunflower, pumpkin and hemp seeds as well as dried blueberries, and is promoted as a source of vitamin A, fibre and high in folic acid.

Both come with the instruction to “Just add your favourite fruit and juice”.

“The Smoothie Mix is currently available in the UK and Ireland and there are currently no plans to expand the range beyond the Energy Boost and Superfood products.

“Florette’s consumer insight shows the current varieties available appeal to different consumers within the market.”

The spokesperson adds how Florette is looking into supply from France and the UK later this year when the weather improves.



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